Who are we?

The Canadian Nursing Students' Association is the national voice for nursing students in Canada. The CNSA is dedicated to promoting the ethical, legal, professional, and educational aspects of nursing and promoting the profession as a whole. Involvement in the CNSA allows nursing students to create connections with other students through annual conferences and provides opportunities to have a voice in the future of nursing. The CNSA has been representing students for over 40 years, has nearly 30 000 members across Canada, and is an affiliate member of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA). The CNSA advocates for nursing students and nursing professionals on a provincial, federal, and international scale, and facilitates communication with other nursing and health care programs. 

CNSA NSS Representatives

On the Nursing Science Society there are 2 delegates who represent Queen's in the CNSA. Remi Grnak is the official delegate for the CNSA and Shalisa Barton is the associate delegate. 

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Shalisa Barton

CNSA Associate Delegate

Remi Grnak

CNSA Official Delegate