Orientation Week 

Registration will be open from June 10th, 2019 to August 12th, 2019! It can be found under the "Online Store" section.


Hi! I’m Mackenzie and I’m the Head Cape (Orientation Chair) for Nursing Orientation Week 2019.


I want to extend my absolute warmest welcome to Queen’s and the wonderful world of nursing! Your acceptance is something to be incredibly proud of. Queen’s Nursing is a community full of intelligent, hardworking, supportive, and caring future nurses. The next four years will be challenging, exciting and full of unique opportunities, and most importantly prepare you for a diverse and rewarding career in nursing. Faculty Orientation Week allows you to build a support system that will be with you every step of the way, and solidifies that Queen’s truly is your home!


  1. Faculty Orientation Week will run on the following days: September 2nd, September 3rd, September 4th and September 7th. There are both high energy and low energy events throughout the week. We hope to see your smiling face at all events, but every event is optional as we want each person to feel comfortable!

  2. Your Orientation Week is run completely by upper year students- that means it is tailored to what other students believe you need to know, want to do, and is student oriented. Nursing Orientation Committee (NOC for short) is comprised of eight dedicated students entering their third year. We start planning at the end of October, that’s a full ten months of designing the best week possible for our incoming students!

  3. Throughout your week, you will be split into Orientation Groups of thirteen-fourteen students, and guided by four leaders known as Capes. Why Capes you may ask? Well, during the First World War, soon after nursing was established as a medical profession thanks to the hard work of Florence Nightingale, capes were adopted into the nursing uniform to mark themselves as reputable healthcare professionals. Different badges and stripes were sewn into these capes to mark their rank such as a student, educator or leader! So, to pay tribute to the first professional nurses, our leaders go by Capes! Pretty cool, huh?

  4. During the summer, make sure to watch your email! You’ll receive information on how to register for Orientation Week and how to receive your Nursing Orientation Week Handbook. The School of Nursing will be sending an email regarding the certifications and forms that need to be completed prior to starting in the fall. These included immunization confirmations, Standard First Aid-CPR HCP and a criminal record check.


We strive to be a fully accessible and inclusive organization. Our goal is that each and every student feels comfortable and has the best experience we can offer. During registration, there will be the opportunity to notify us of any way we can assist you in having the most fantastic week!


There is a fee to participate in Orientation Week. We recognize this as a barrier to participation, thus full and partial bursaries are offered. Information will be available regarding this during registration.


We are super excited to see you this fall and can’t wait for you to experience the most amazing week that Queen’s has to offer!  We promise this week will rock your red and white socks off!


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mackenzie Peirce (Head Cape) at nursingorientation@ams.queensu.ca. Registration will open on June 10th!

Your NOC and Capes can’t wait to meet you!



Attn: Queen's Nursing Science Society

Queen's School of Nursing - Cataraqui Building

92 Barrie Street

Kingston, Ontario

K7L 3N6

Queen's Nursing Science Society 


Queen's Centre Room A610 (3rd Floor)

284 Earl Street

Kingston, Ontario

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