Who are we?

The Queen’s Nursing Research Club (QNRC) was sparked by an idea to promote awareness and interest in research to undergraduate nursing students. Research is especially important in the nursing field: it is the foundation for evidence-informed practice which shapes what we do in our profession. However, undergraduate students often view research as a daunting, uninteresting field, which we hope to change through engaging experiences and education. 

Some of the things we are planning to do include:

  • Have guest speakers from Queen’s and elsewhere at our monthly club meetings 

  • Provide research/mentorship opportunities to undergraduate students by connecting them with graduate students and professors who are conducting research 

  • Conduct our own research and literature reviews for first-hand experience. ]

  • Have a nursing research podcast!

  • Whatever else you like. We are a brand new club here at Queen’s and are open to your suggestions!

Involvement level in the club is also up to you. With a low level of commitment you can attend the monthly meetings with guest speakers doing impressive things in the field. Keen students seeking higher involvement can pursue mentorship opportunities and participate in facilitating the club’s own research. The QNRC is one of the only clubs of its kind in Ontario and a great opportunity to become involved and learn about the cool things happening at Queen’s. 

Come out and see what we’re all about!!!

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